Dear 1st U Family,

I had a WONDERFUL time in Kenya, and it will take me more than a year to unpack all the things I have to reflect upon. My deepest gratitude to this community, who helped fund my trip with your gifts. I am so looking forward to sharing my experiences with you as promised. To that end, I will be leading a service in October to talk about what I learned in Kenya and what we, as a community and a country, have to learn. In the meantime, I took hundreds of pictures and quite a few videos on every step of my trip and saved them on a site called PolarSteps that tracks your travel. While I could not yet put many detailed descriptions of what the pictures show, I did include enough captions that you should be able to understand the overall experience. To give you an idea, I and 19 other educators visited public and private schools, talking to students and teachers, and some universities. We learned about solar innovations and how there is a push for entrepreneurship among the citizens. We visited a Maasai village, an indigenous tribal group still living in their traditional ways (sort of). And we did explore wildlife, complete with the stunning animals you’d expect to see in Africa, as well as historical and heritage sites and even one of the “cradles” of humanity.

So please feel free to visit and explore my PolarSteps site here

And I look forward to telling you much more in October and beyond!

Sincerely, Erica