SongSpace and Joe Jencks Celebrate the Friendship House Concert Series!

Date(s) - 03/13/21
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Joe Jencks ( is performing in the SongSpace Streams series on March 13, 2021, to celebrate Llouise and Jim Altes and the 16-year, the 101-show success that is the Friendship House Concert Series. We couldn’t be happier to host Joe and honor the Altes as people and as friends of live music.

Joe Jencks is a 20-year veteran of the international folk circuit, an award-winning songwriter, and a celebrated vocalist based in Chicago. Merging conservatory training with his Irish roots and working-class upbringing, Joe delivers engaged musical narratives filled with heart, soul, groove, and grit. Blending well-crafted instrumentals and vivid songwriting, Jencks serves it all up with a lyric baritone voice that has the edgy richness of a good sea-salt caramel.

This will be a free, live show, on Facebook, Youtube, and perhaps elsewhere, with donations strongly encouraged. Stay tuned to our Facebook Event Page (, Joe Jencks’s Calendar (, or at for up to date details!

Any last-minute changes will be announced at