Exciting News from the Board About Plans to Improve Air Quality

After extensive testing, evaluation, and research, the Board voted on March 15 to authorize the expenditure of funds to purchase and install enhanced air filters in the Sanctuary. These new filters are designed to remove small particles, such as those that transmit the COVID-19 virus, much better than the current ones. Our own testing has shown this to be the case. While we cannot guarantee that people in the Sanctuary will not be exposed to COVID-19, or any other virus for that matter, we do feel confident that the risk is meaningfully reduced.

To help with the approximately $16,000 cost, one member has generously agreed to donate more than $1,000. If there are others who would like to help fund this expense, please feel free to contact a member of the Stewardship Committee, Board, or simply click on the “give” section of the website.

With this enhancement to our air quality, the Board is re-evaluating our masking policy. The goal is to remove the requirement that people must wear masks while attending services. We realize we are an outlier in this regard. Masks are simply optional most everywhere you go. But we don’t want to make any change unless we feel confident that we’ve taken appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our members, friends, and visitors.

We don’t know yet when the installation will occur but will certainly communicate when that happens. Our hope is that work can be completed within the next couple of months, but that is dependent on factors we can’t control (such as supply chain challenges and the availability of the installer).

The Board would like to thank everyone who worked to make this a reality, especially Bob Mitchell, Peggy Parsons, and Sue Oerkvitz, who were tireless in their efforts to see this through to the end.