For our Trans and Non-binary Friends

Hi! We’re excited you’re here. Thanks for joining us! If you would like to be a part of a national UUA-sponsored monthly support group for all ages, please still fill out this form to share your ideas and so we can stay in touch about future gatherings!


If you’d like to chat directly about this event, please contact Adrian Ballou at

Your registration information is confidential and will be shared with leadership only.

Who is this space for?

This is a closed event specifically for trans/nonbinary+ people. Anyone who is trans, nonbinary, metagender, multigender, genderfluid, agender, demigender, genderqueer, questioning, and otherwise not wholly or entirely cis is welcome to attend.

You do not have to be UU to attend as long as you are comfortable with this space having a UU flavor/focus.

It is intentionally multi-generational–all ages are welcome, and we have adults trained in supporting young people staffing the space. There may be cisgender people present as parents supporting their 13-and-younger-child’s presence in the space, as tech support, or as captioners. Otherwise, if you are completely cisgender and not trans/nonbinary, please join other spaces supporting trans/nonbinary+ people that are open to all.

For more information, check out our webpage: