From Your Art Committee

The April Art Show – a delightful show of the work of artists from the Creative Citizens Studios – is coming down this week. During April, a reception was hosted for the CCS artists; it was a lovely party. Many of the works of these artists were sold during the reception and at other viewings during the month. This will provide welcome dollars for these exceptional artists as well as dollars for our Church Art Committee fund.

A new show is being hung in the Undercroft this week. The show is named “Home Grown.” It is a “Julie Stunden and Family Show.” Many of you have seen Julie’s work before, but if you have not seen her work lately, be prepared for a surprise. Julie’s current focus is on the fruits of her garden. Julie’s adult children, Maeve and Liam Gannon, also have a few pieces in the show, as does her quilter mom, Annie, and a piece by family friend, Shelley. Expect this to be a lively show. An artists’ reception will be hosted after Church Services on Sunday, May 11 (starts at 11:45 am). Please come!!

If you would like to be a member of the Art Committee, let Ali Masaladhen know. We are looking for new members who will think with the group about what shows we might have and who will work with artists to make these shows happen. We also are looking for members who will help to set up and take down our Art Shows. This often involves a bit of ladder work, so agility is appreciated. The Committee meets very infrequently as a group (annually), but there is work to do throughout the year. If you would like to work with us and our artists as we continue to make the Undercroft an interesting and welcoming space, please let us know.