Humanist Group March Meeting

All are invited to join the Humanist Group on Tuesday, March 14, as church member John Hooper presents an overview of SMART Recovery, an alternative to classic AA or NA programs. The meeting begins at 7:30 in the Schweitzer Room and is in-person only. Learn what John shares about this program and plans to expand its presence in our community. “We also look forward to a robust discussion period during this face-to-face, or should we say mask-to-mask presentation.”

Since its founding in 1935, millions of people have found their way to recovery from addiction through Alcoholics Anonymous and related 12-step programs. AA remains a viable resource for many. However, its requirements for submitting to a “higher power” and its emphasis on powerlessness discourage others from joining AA. We have learned much about human behavior and addiction in the 88 years since Bill W. and Dr. Bob founded AA.

“Self-management and Recovery Training” (SMART Recovery) is a fact-based program that takes advantage of these learnings to provide people struggling with addiction with an empowering, non-theistic pathway to recovery. SMART Recovery preserves the compassionate group dynamics so important to recovery while also providing each member with the necessary behavioral tools to overcome and be released from the urges that lead to relapse. It has been documented to be remarkably successful.

Come learn about SMART Recovery and its plans to expand its presence in our community.