Speaker: Professor James Huguley, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work

Title: Just Discipline and Racial Justice in Schools.

Dr. James Huguley will discuss the work of the Just Discipline Project, a school climate and discipline intervention now partnering with more than 20 schools serving 8,000 students in our region. Specific content will include how racial injustices bear out in school discipline, what their downstream consequences are for economic and criminal injustice, and how these pathways can be disrupted with early intervention in school communities.

Dr. Huguly is an Associate Professor in the Pitt School of Social Work. He is also the chair of the Race and Youth Development Research Group (RaYDR) at the Center on Race and Social Problems..Dr. James P. Huguley’s research focuses on school- and family-based interventions that promote positive academic and mental health outcomes for African American youth. Dr. Huguley is the Principal Investigator for the Just Discipline Project, an initiative that aims to curb the use of punitive discipline in schools.