Khasi Hills Zoom Call a Success!

The Khasi Hills team was pleased to have 15 participants in our first India Zoom visit open to the congregation held on May 23. In addition to hearing from our liaison, Barri Mukhim, we heard video greetings from both of the teachers that we sponsor, one of the 12th grade students, and students singing the Unitarian hymn “When Your Heart is in a Holy Place.” We also saw photos of new classroom construction and the recently finished library, which is a requirement for accreditation. It was a heartwarming conversation about their progress and challenges. Barri shared that our ongoing support is what helps them feel they can sustain and grow the school.

Congregation member Lee Elliott Carnes shared after the program: “Seeing and hearing from Barri gave me confidence that the First Unitarian of Pittsburgh sponsorship, past, current, and future, will change the lives of students and teachers of Annie Margaret Barr Secondary School in Khasi Hills. Hearing the students sing and seeing the new construction on the school was an inspiration to me.”

Watch the Khasi Hills Zoom meeting.