Khasi Hills AGM

1st: Our church has been supporting the Annie Margaret Barr Secondary School in Kharang in the poor, rural Khasi Hills of India since 2003. We hope you will help us to support the two teachers we have been sponsoring that enables students to complete high school locally rather than traveling to the state capital.

2nd: Our congregation funding for our Khasi Hills India school has been an emotional support as well as financial, especially during the pandemic. Donations have ranged from $25 to $500, supporting one day or one month of the salary of the two teachers we sponsor.

3rd: Bring a smile to someone’s face with the meaningful gift of supporting one of our teachers in the poor, rural Khasi Hills India for an entire day for just $25. This is a thoughtful last-minute gift or a supplement to what you’ve already purchased.

4th: Since the pandemic, the Alternative Gift Market has been a more critical source of funds than past years for the school in India we have been supporting since 2003. The average contribution over the years has been $50, needing much more from some, understanding less from others.

5th: Recognizing the bounty of the holiday season, consider starting the New Year out with a generous contribution to the school in India we have been sponsoring since 2003. Amazingly, you can sponsor a full month of one of the two teacher’s salaries for just $500 and one day for just $25