Khasi Hills Anniversary Day Scenes

Direct from our friends in India are scenes from the 137- year founding of Unitarianism in the Khasi Hills. We recognized their Anniversary Day at our September 18 service and highlighted their community practice of visiting each household of the congregation and sharing a blessing (photo featured).

CLICK HERE for a three-minute video of a church service in one of their largest congregations featuring folks dressed in their finest and a choir performing at the one-minute mark.

The government recognizes Unitarian Day with closed offices, and each congregation hosts a “torch procession” through the village to spread the light of Unitarianism. There is a cool video on the Facebook Group; look up Unitarians in North East India. You can ask to join this private group and then CLICK HERE
to see the torch procession video. Joining the Facebook group is a wonderful way to learn about our Khasi Hills Unitarian siblings.