Limited In-Person Church Activities

 All attendees must

  • Provide proof of full vaccination, either upon each entry to the church or by electing to have their vaccination status stored by the church     
  • Booster shots and/or 3rd doses are strongly encouraged, but not required to satisfy full vaccination status  
  • Provide information for contact tracing, either verified by name through Breeze or upon entry into the church
  • Wear masks that fully cover both mouth and nose.  Please seriously consider wearing a KN95 mask rather than a cotton one. KN95, or comparable, is significantly more effective in protection.

Church seating must support social distancing. The front pews are reserved for participants in the service.  The church’s HVAC/ventilation system must be on during church services in the sanctuary.  All food and beverages will not be allowed until the Board of trustees approves.  

  • No more than 75 people will be able to attend at a time.
  • Everyone must follow the safety precautions listed above 
  • Please recognize, this will not feel like “normal.” Cameras and microphones are carefully placed around the sanctuary.  Unless you have a personal device, you will not be able to see any videos we are showing, but you can hear them on the house speakers. 
  • If you are medically compromised, in your decision-making, please consider the church’s ventilation system is limited.  While the sanctuary’s ventilation (0.35 air changes per hour) meets the minimum building code standard for pre-covid, low-occupancy residential spaces, it is not effective for reducing viral transmission for higher occupancy (this would be a minimum of 4 air changes per hour).  This information may be important to you in deciding whether to attend events in the sanctuary, particularly if you are medically vulnerable.  We are working to find solutions for this issue. 

  If you would like to attend an upcoming service, use this form to submit your information and make a reservation.