Limited In-Person Church Activities

COVID Policy

Updated September 2022

All church activities that do not involve congregational singing or serving food are authorized, at the Minister’s discretion, provided all of the following safety precautions are followed:

1. All attendees and participants must:

• Provide proof of full vaccination, including booster shots or 3rd doses, as soon as eligible, either upon each entry to the church or by electing to have their vaccination status stored by the church in Breeze;

• Provide information for notification through Breeze

or upon entry into the church by filling out a visitor form; and

• Wear masks that fully cover both mouth and nose.

2. Seating at all events must support physical distancing. During church services, the front pews

are reserved for participants in the service.

3. The church’s HVAC/ventilation system must be on during church services in the sanctuary.

4. If you are ill or have recently been ill with symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been in contact with someone who has or may have Covid-19, please join us from home via the live-stream, instead of attending in person.

5. The LRED is authorized to set more stringent standards for religious education activities.

The following activities are not permitted until explicitly approved by the Board of Trustees:

• The presence or serving of food or beverages at any gatherings for church sponsored events. Rentals are exempt.

This policy supersedes any and all conflicting prior Board-approved policies relating to church

activities during the Covid-19 pandemic.