Making Cases – for Pillows

Its time to make more pillow cases. The pillow cases we make end up being delivered to Children’s Hospital where each incoming patient is given a colorful pillow case to brighten their room, and hopefully brighten their hospital stay.

Our pillow cases are delivered to Quilters Corner in Finleyville, where folks from all over our area deliver their pillow cases. Thousands of cases make their way to Children’s each summer. Occasionally we get an urgent mid-year call for pillow cases, and in years past we have delivered a pile of pillow cases mid-year.

Folks interested in participating in our pillow case-making endeavor can join us Thursday, January 11, 10:30 am, at Stunden Studios, 201 N. Braddock, in Point Breeze. We are aiming for 100 pillow cases from First Unitarian by this summer.