Medical Equipment Loan Program

Most of you know that First UU maintains a list of medical assist equipment (such as crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, bedside items, and much more). These items are owned by and kept at the home of individual members and are loaned to members in need of them. Contact Ioulía at to request an item.

What you may NOT know is that we keep several basic items at church (a wheelchair, walker, cane, and crutches) in case of sudden need during a service or event. But it won’t help to have them if no one knows where they are!

• The walker, cane, and crutches are in a cabinet in the Schweitzer Room.
• The wheelchair is under the coat rack in the basement, near the bathrooms.

We ask that each of you please take a few minutes some Sunday to find them so you know specifically where they are located. YOU may be the person who needs to secure an item for someone in emergent need!