October’s Share the Plate charity is UU Justice PA

UUPLAN was organized ~ 22 years ago, and the involvement of 1st UU has waxed and waned through the years. In the early years, our congregation provided strong leadership for the Reproductive Justice Team and the LGBTQ team, as well as participants for the Environmental Justice and Good Government Teams. The name change to UUJusticePA happened after the Rev. Joan Sabatino, the current Director, found that explaining the original label was a confusing and time-consuming task. With the name UUJusticePA, it is clear that “Pennsylvania UUs are aware of justice issues and are called to speak and take action that leads to a better Commonwealth” (our Vision Statement) and that our Mission is “Pursuing justice by voting, advocating and making just public policies.”

There are currently six Justice Teams focused on Criminal Justice Reform, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Good Government, Gun Violence prevention, and Reproductive Justice. All these issues are strongly anti-racist. Visit the website at https://uujusticepa.org/ to learn more about specific initiatives, become a member, and join a team focused on your justice passion.

We have been actively writing postcards to our legislators since Feb. ’22 in support of a living wage, gun control and Extreme Risk Protection Orders, equitable education funding, passing a Gift Ban, and encouraging a change in the legislative rules to allow bills with bipartisan support to be brought up for a vote. We have opposed legislation that would bar funding for and the right to abortion in PA. If you would like to be added to this Postcarding group, contact Becky Studer at rkstuder@gmail.com.

Becky Studer has been a member of 1st Unitarian since the late 1990s and has served on the Board of Trustees, worked with the Women’s Alliance, been on the Social Justice Endowment team, represents our congregation on the Cluster Board, and serves as our congregation’s liaison to UUJusticePA. She has worked with their Environmental Justice Team and is currently involved with the Good Government Team.

In 2020 we worked with their UU on the VOTE effort here in PA, making phone calls, texting, and helping to get out the vote in a non-partisan manner. We continue that work during this election cycle, collaborating with PIIN and The New PA Project. Vote Forward is another UUJustice partner, and we have a goal of sending 750 letters to PA residents who are registered but seldom vote. Come to the Schweitzer room after services to write letters or pick up a packet to write at home, returning them to the church for envelopes and stamps to be mailed on October 29.

Your financial help is appreciated and critical to the Mission. Join the work to help live our values and preserve Democracy!