Pastoral Care and Connections

As Unitarian Universalists, we proudly claim the space of theological ambiguity on the BIG life questions of God, suffering, and death. We’re okay with not knowing all the answers and loving the questions even as they take us into unchartered and uncomfortable spaces of the human psyche and transcendent mysteries.

Yet, for many, uncertainty is too close to the deeper dwellings below the surface of our journey through life, creating a quickened pulse of possible danger to existence and judgment. Even we UU’s prefer predictability and reliability to this experience of not knowing what tomorrow, the next day, or the next will bring, never mind questions around dying and death. Fear is not something to be taken for granted, for it can protect us from imminent danger.

For fear to be effective and not debilitating, it needs to be grounded in the earth, the land of growth, regeneration, and beauty. Fear needs to be grounded in the love of family, friends, and community. Fear needs to be grounded in the basic function of body care; sleep, healthy eating, and exercise. The ground of emerging life counters the fears that arise when we live in uncertainty and disruption.

There is so much social and political change in our country, with both ends of the spectrum of the conservatives and the liberals wanting disruption of something (the what of that something has been the subject of hundreds of speculating authors in essays and books). Yet, wanting something and actually understanding the depth of what we want calls for a capacity of resiliency in the land of uncertainty. For every action, there is a reaction that may trigger fear.

Our country is quaking, shaking, and opening up with the possibilities of change, which we have asked for and brought about. It is time to be resilient. We got this because we’re not alone. We got this because we will be kind, compassionate, and grounded in regenerating love. We got this because we remember those who are most vulnerable need the strength and resilience of this community.

With resilient love, Rev. Kate

Care and Connections

Joann Wagstaff is going to be having back surgery on October 13. Hopefully, relieving the pain, she has been in since a fall last July. We all hope for a full recovery for her!

Sonia Wellington will be having surgery on October 13. Your prayers and love are appreciated for a healthy and smooth healing process. Please send good vibes to Jim, who will have to be taking care of all of her critters.

Mary Denison shares the joyful news of her son’s wedding in Brooklyn to his lovely life partner, Hannah, happening on October 23. This is definitely a big joy for her family.

If you have joys or sorrows you would like to share with the community, please send them to Rev. Kate at