Pastoral Care and Connections

“Even in the darkest of times we have the right to expect some illumination… Such illumination may well come less from theories and concepts than from the uncertain, flickering, and often weak light that some men and women, in their lives and works, will kindle under almost all circumstances and shed over the time-span that was given them on earth.”

Hannah Arendt, 1906 – 1975

Beloved, I write this love note to you from Portland, Oregon as the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association finishes its annual meeting. The worship service this morning was a message of why we, the church, exist. It was a reminder that we are the light for one another, illuminating the path head, just as our ancestors lit the path for us.

Our hearts are broken and our hope crushed with the Scotus decision to end Roe v Wade. This decision has a direct impact on women’s health and autonomy. Our families are impacted and our society is impacted. This decision is a hit on religious freedom because not all faiths agree on when life begins. My friends, some of us may need to rest, grieve, lay down our brokenness and let the waters of love ease our loss. Some of us may be confused and afraid. Some of us may be ready to engage in a long march to reclaim justice. For those who need respite, rest for a spell. We will need your renewed energy later. For those confused and afraid, reach out and find a friend. Get connected and find some clarity. Do not be alone in the darkness. For those ready to engage, we will organize and rekindle the light of hope and heal our wounds even as we march, rally, write, protest, and let the world know that this country still believes in equality for women.

In our exhaustion, uncertainty, pain, fear, and hesitancy, we must return to the core of our faith: This world needs those who courageously proclaim a radical love and justice for all life. The world needs those who bring their wisdom and capacity to see the world in all its complexities and confusions and are willing to stay engaged in public service, public life, and the public space where justice must be the foundation of our words and deeds. Whether we are pursuing reproductive justice, climate justice, racial justice, or gender justice, the core of our beliefs are built upon the interdependent web of life and the inherent worth and dignity of all.

With love and prayers, Rev. Kate

Care and Connections

With deep sympathy, we share that beloved member Mary Kostalos died unexpectedly on Thursday, June 23. Her wife, Michele Gregorich, welcomes cards. A Celebration of Life will be held at a later time. 7500 Kensington St. Pittsburgh, PA 15221-3224

Member Maureen K Porter shares the family’s sorrow and the joyful release of her father, Warren K Porter, who passed away Sunday, June 26. He was held and caressed by close family as he gave up his last breaths. He was never alone in the previous weeks, his dearest wish. Maureen will remain in Minneapolis for a while.

If you have joys or sorrows you would like to share with the community; please send them to Rev. Kate at