Pastoral Care and Connections Message

Have you looked up at the stars recently?

Hey Universe!

I see you

From atomic dust to star dust

You exist


I exist in and through you

This I do not doubt

From eagle’s view to mouse

What do you see?

Am I mere food

For thought?

Does my existence

Bear meaning?

For you?

Or only me?

And my beloved?

Do they see me?

From mother and father

To Goddess, Jesus, and the Atman Brahman

I yearn to be seen

Yes, I exist

But do they see me?

Really see me?

Do you?

Am I more than

A step in evolution?

My heart is tender

Raw even

With the pain of existence

Surely all that I bear

Will leave a trail

For others to follow

Like Arius to Servetus

And Fuller to Betancourt and Frederick-Gray

Let my faith guide others

My faith in you


And me

Holy, holy, holy

Acts of the creative universe

Impulse to existence

From atomic dust to star dust

If not I

Let my faith

Be seen

In acts of love

As broad as the universe

Never ceasing


Blessed be all creation

With Intentional love, Rev. Kate

Care and Connections

If you have joys or sorrows you would like to share with the community, please send them to Rev. Kate,