Pastoral Care and Connections Message

Guest writer:  Susan Brown

Welcome, all you saints! Yes! You are saints, all of you are saints, for it is not by perfection that we are sainted; rather, it is by our actions.

It is not by perfection that we are sainted; rather it is by our presence. It is not by perfection that we are sainted; rather it is by our giving. It is not by perfection that we are sainted; rather it is by our living. It is not by perfection that we are sainted; rather it is by our gathering together in love, with love, to become a nurturing, welcoming, healing, and faithful worshiping community. Welcome, all you saints!

Prayer: Holy One of blessing, as we gather on this All Saints day, let us call into our minds and hearts all those saints who blessed our lives:

—Those family saints—spouses and partners, and mothers and fathers, grandparents, great grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins—saints who modeled living for us, who stay with us through the days and years and all times of need and joy. We give thanks.

—Those friend saints—childhood and adulthood friends, those young and not so young, tea time and coffee time and meal time friends who listen and cry and laugh with us. We give thanks.

—Those work saints—friends, co-workers, bosses and employees, and fellow travelers, those mentors and teachers who are with us when goals are hard to name and when trying to work with dignity and integrity seems so very hard to do. We give thanks.

—Those community saints—those who serve, those elected or to be elected, those educators and manufacturers and nurturers whose presence makes our daily life easier and more pleasant—and for those who toil and strive to bring a vision of justice, equality, and peace to our world. We give thanks.

—Those unnamed, unknown saints—those who overcome obstacles and teach us how to overcome obstacles, those whose presence reminds us that we are called to do more than we ever thought possible. Those who bear burdens and let us assist them in the bearing of those burdens, those who give willingly and unselfishly, those who demonstrate strength, courage, and wisdom in the face of pain and tragedy. We give thanks.

Today we are called to recognize all saints therefore let us learn to recognize the sainthood in all others and the sainthood in ourselves. Blessed be.

Susan Brown

Care and Connections

Christine Michaels asks for love and prayers as her sister Liz Rice faces many challenging symptoms and treatment for blood cancer. 

Our love and prayers are with Eliza Hall, whose mother died on October 3.  

Sarah Sheard requests prayers and love following surgery on Friday.  She would appreciate cards, please, no phone calls. 
If you have joys or sorrows you would like to share with the community; please send them to Rev. Kate at