Pastoral Care and Connections Message

The Theme of the Month for October is Intention, which may come as a surprise to you because I, ironically, unintentionally forgot to tell you. Ah, the gap between intent and outcome, the valley where we, all too often, lose all sorts of hope.

In that valley of lost hope is the mundane intent to dust the house this week, fix the squeaky door, or call that friend. Also in the valley are the more aspirational intentions of getting in better shape, learning to speak another language, writing a book of poetry, or calling an old friend, now feeling further away.

Intent is only the first step; perhaps it is superficial, fleeting, and passing along with the leaves blowing on the ground, never to be seen again. Perhaps the intent is conscious, or perhaps a spark from deep within our unconscious mind that is tapping into some unfulfilled need or want. Perhaps the intent lands on our hearts with regret and guilt, having carried the intent on our backs for too long.

Alas, intention, that act coming from desire, can crash and mangle when carried out, creating unintentional consequences. Our act can land with such force that pain and harm are done upon family, friends, and strangers. We are called to recognize and affirm the harm done. We are called to name responsibility, and this is really hard because we did not intend to do so, that we caused harm to another.

Perhaps our intent was superficial, just wanting to fix the squeaky door, or perhaps the intent was aspirational and long thought. Perhaps it was coming from a deep place of our own unfulfilled needs. It does not matter. Sometimes, we are called to roll down the wall of resistance and listen to the pain of another. For there, in the valley between intent and outcome, lies our lost hope for compassion and love. These we can pick up, pull out, dust off and try again.

With Intentional love, Rev. Kate

Care and Connections

Sarah Fields is mourning Claudia Tomsa, a close friend who passed away in September after a long battle with a dormant brain tumor.

During our November 6th All Soul’s Day Worship Service, we will be naming and honoring members who have died over the past year. In addition, if you would like to have a close family member or friend named as part of the service, please send to Jim Cunningham at the name (and how to pronounce it, if necessary), date of death and relationship. Please send it by or before Friday, October 28th.

If you have joys or sorrows you would like to share with the community, please send them to Rev. Kate at