Pillow Case Party

Come to the Pillow Case Party. The Women’s Alliance Sewing Circle is getting ready to deliver over 100 pillow cases that they made to Children’s Hospital (via Quilters Corner in Finleyville). The pillow cases will be displayed in July in the Undercroft Gallery (and maybe other parts of the church – we will see as we hang them) as the Art Committee’s July exhibit. Some of the cases are sedate; some of them are rather wild. The Sewing Circle, with the help of Alliance members and the Coffee Hour Team will be hosting Coffee Hour on Sunday, July 14.

As we have met our goal of 100 pillow cases this year, we have used most of the fabric that was available for cases, a fabric stash mostly from the Quilters. We need to increase our fabric stash as we start work on our pillow case pile for delivery in August 2025. It takes a yard+ of fabric to make a pillow case. The cost of good fabric is now between $12-$14 a yard. If you would like to be part of our Pillow Case Project by contributing to the fabric pile, we will have a box where you can contribute at a table in the Undercroft starting Sunday July 14. If you have a stash of appropriate fabric (100% cotton of good quality for children and young adults) that you would like to contribute, that is also welcome. The Sewing Circle appreciates any help it gets.

See you at our Pillow Case Exhibit!!