Report from the Quilting Group

The quilters who were selling their work in the lobby want to thank you for your attention and support.

We hope you enjoyed the quilt exhibit in the Undercroft Gallery and that you stopped by the table in the lower-lobby and saw all the quilts that are available for sale. We get to choose how to spend the money we receive for our lower-lobby quilts and this year 20% of our sales is going toward the Khasi Hills School Water Tank.

We will report back on how much that contribution is once we get our numbers together. For those of you who wanted one of the quilts we were selling, but didn’t quite get to buying it, Annie Stunden will be in church this Sunday with the quilt lists with pictures. Talk to Annie, and if what you wanted is not yet sold, it can be yours.

While we were setting up our lower-lobby-quilt-sale, Margaret came by and put books on the book shelf and magazines in the magazine rack. Did you know that there are books and magazines, free for the taking? This is also a place where you can donate books that you have read as well as contemporary magazines that you are done with. This little corner of good stuff is sponsored by the Women’s Alliance.