“Movements of the Spirit”

Recorded at 10:30

We UU’s are a lovably funny bunch. We often focus on the rational and humanist strains of our faith. And yet, we also affirm the power and wisdom of our “direct experiences of transcending mystery and wonder.” In this month when we explore emergence, let’s reflect on what it might mean to embrace moments of mystery and wonder that emerge from our everyday experiences. How might these spiritual experiences give us life and sustain us in the work of seeking justice?

Pittsburgh born and bred, Michael DeSantis (they/them) is a proud “yinzer” and Aspirant for UU ministry. During their ministry formation, Michael has served as a mentor to Indigenous teens, a public policy advocate, and as a hospital and nursing home chaplain. This summer, Michael will graduate from Union Theological Seminary in New York and begin a ministry internship at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, CO.