Spring Cluster Update

Hello, UUs at First Unitarian-
We hope  2022 is going well. The Cluster is looking forward to a year when we MIGHT find a way to be together in person, but also to retain the Zoom meeting services that allow many who couldn’t participate to ‘be there and to facilitate meetings of various kinds without being concerned about the side effects of everyone driving to a common site.
If you enrolled in the UUA sponsored Zoom account last year, you likely have received a notice of renewal.  Perhaps you did not take advantage of this discounted program last year and want to enroll now.  Either way, go to
for information and links to access this service.  The Cluster will reimburse your congregation for your expense;  just send your invoice/receipt to rkstuder@gmail.com or
UUs of Greater Pittsburgh Treasurer,     Rebecca Studer, 157 Fairfax Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15221
I am attaching an invoice for your congregation’s annual dues.  They may be paid anytime in 2022, but it is helpful if that happens before our annual meeting in early November so the Treasurer’s Report accurately reflects our financial status.
Your Cluster Board is in the process of planning a spring educational event likely on June 18 and mulling over topics and potential workshop leaders that would support our individual congregation’s consideration of the 8th Principle.  The current focus is on economic inequality and how we might work to diminish this driver of so many of our social and racial divides.  Whether this topic is the one we address depends on the availability of facilitators. Firm details will follow.
Outside of your individual congregation’s concerns, don’t forget the approaching Midterm Elections.  Often these elections have very low participation but include contests whose outcomes affect us at the local as well as state and national levels. An expansion of that statement (and other Justice concerns from a UU perspective)  can be found at UUJusticePA.org, Good Government Team.  UU the Vote will become active later in April if your congregants are interested in energizing your communities to vote.  The Attached information from the LWV Pittsburgh is designed for Allegheny County to use however it might be helpful for your congregation/fellowship.
We continue to grow with the addition of the UU Congregation of Erie. Whether our name ” UUs of Greater Pittsburgh” is still the best description of our Cluster is something to consider.
Be Well and Prosper.
Becky Studer, Treasurer

UUs of Greater Pittsburgh

Better Together



Rebecca Studer, Treasurer

157 Fairfax Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Phone 412-225-9946 Rkstuder@gmail.com

For: Annual Cluster Dues, April 2022


1st UU Church of Pittsburgh

605 Morewood Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Description Amount

Annual Cluster dues @ $1.00/ current members Per UUA $261.00

Thank you for your support of the Cluster- now 13 Congregations and 1 Fellowship!


Make all checks payable to UUs of Greater Pittsburgh Payment is due within 2022.

If you have any questions, contact Rebecca Studer, 412-225-9946, rkstuder@gmail.com