Survey, Cottage Meeting Data Compiled and Available

In November, the Ministerial Search Committee took on the time-consuming task of compiling and analyzing the data we collected from our Congregational Survey, Cottage Meetings, Focus Groups and the all-day Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop.

Two members of our committee worked tirelessly throughout the month on reports with the support of the entire team: Mary Denison on the Congregational Survey and Peg Parsons on the Cottage Meetings. It was a formidable effort, and we are impressed with what they accomplished.

While the original data is confidential and no individual is identified or quoted directly, an analysis of the data provides a fascinating profile of First Unitarian Church: who we are as a congregation, what we value, how we envision our future, what challenges we face, and what we offer prospective ministers.

On December 8, we shared our reports on the Congregational Survey and Cottage Meetings with the congregation.

Other Search Preparations

Also, in December, as required by the UUA, we launched our “Congregational Record” in the online UUA search system. That record includes our reports; information on membership, attendance and demographics; our financial information, pledging and budgets; our programs; and an in-depth questionnaire on the history of our church and how we live our values. Plus, the board approved a contract and compensation package. All of this provides information to prospective ministers in search of a congregation.

While some of us were poring over charts and graphs, search committee member Jim Reitz volunteered to write, produce and direct a virtual tour of First Unitarian Church. After spending several days teaming up with Joe Wahy, the videographer, Jim delivered an Oscar-worthy film. (As one member commented, it gave them chills.) The walkthrough video was posted on YouTube and is linked here. In the first few days, more than 58 viewers had watched it.

Once again, we couldn’t do this without you: your input in our reports, your participation in our walkthrough video, and your encouragement of this ministerial search. We are grateful for your support as we continue our work on the search committee.