The Bach Choir of Pittsburgh – “Frankenstein Reimagined” 4/23 & 4/24

Come support a unique concert that blends film art and music in this reimagined classic!  Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein continues to inspire the imagination with curiosity, daring, and horror. Many have said that Frankenstein is about “what happens when man* plays God.” This question was on the minds of thinkers of her time, and the lesson was perhaps obvious. But what questions and themes might resonate with us today, with our advances in science? Is there a theological message in Frankenstein? If so, what is it through a Unitarian Universalist lens?  What is it for you?  
While I offer this to support a concert I and another church member are performing in, the themes and the confluence of creativity that create this once-in-a-lifetime piece struck me as a perfect opportunity to reflect on the ways our faith informs and inspires us, and what Unitarian Universalism might have to say not only about the story but about what the story says about humanity, then and now. If you see it and are inspired, write a 750-word essay on your thoughts and send it to me!  I will select one and post it in my column for the next newsletter and offer any sent to be available to read online for reflection!  Use the following discount code for tickets: BCPSOP21.

Thank you for supporting us! Concert trailer