There is a reading often used at Installations and Ordinations of UU clergy that begins:

Ministry is all what we do — together.

Ministry is that quality of being in community that affirms human dignity — beckons forth hidden possibilities, invites us into deeper, more constant, reverent relationships, and carries forward our heritage of hope and liberation.” 

It’s written by the late Rev. Gordon McKeeman and speaks to the collaboration of the religious community between ministers and members and between members.  While no one starts attending a church because they want to serve on a committee, committees are the bread and butter for a religious community.  It’s how we create and form the body of the people and achieve our mission.  A good, healthy community is alive and active with committees and volunteers who love their church and yearn to connect with one another.  

We are that church community!  We are a place filled with vibrant and engaged people connecting one step at a time. Committees, much to our surprise, can be a delightful way to connect as we engage in the act of making ministry together. 

And we need your help with the bread and butter.  

These four committees are in need of your ideas and time: 

Worship Committee: Trains and provides liturgists and finds guest speakers for Sundays when I’m off.   Contact: Stephanie Pawlowski

Communications Council: Internal and external communication, and ensures our website is welcoming. Contact: Rob Schwartz

Membership Committee: Welcomes visitors, helps guide interested visitors through the pathway to membership, and welcomes new members.  Contact: Amy de Chicchis

Religious Education:  Teachers for classes and helps plan, create, and offer programming for all ages. Contact: Erica Shadowsong

If you’re yearning to connect and you’re ready to commit a little bit more, please reach out to the contact person. 

Cheers, Rev. Kate