Update on our new SHARE the PLATE Program

We thank you, dear congregants, for your participation in developing our new Share the Plate program.

Late last year (2022), We invited the congregation to submit NOMINATIONS for Justice organizations (who share and implement our UU values) to be RECIPIENTS of a plate sharing month. We received 16 nominations from you, our members.

We compiled and researched the 16 organizations you nominated and then sent out a ballot

containing information about them for you to VOTE for your six favorites, to become recipient organizations (one month each, one half of undesignated plate cash) for March through August (’23) . Forty-nine of you voted and chose the following 6 organizations for

our STP’s March through August 2023:

March—Reading Ready Pittsburgh

April—Cease Fire PA

May—-Black Urban Gardeners


July—Tree Pittsburgh

August—Planned Parenthood of Southwestern PA

Thank you for your participation!!

Moving forward, in the Annual Meeting of the church in May 2023 (both in person and by zoom), we will vote again (on the same list of nominated organizations, for sharing our plate starting in September of 2023.

We will keep current information about the program on our church website and in our Newsletter, including the amounts we have and will be donating each month.

The Share the Plate Team is delighted to have this new system up and running and is grateful to all of you for nominating, voting, and donating to the collection plate each Sunday (or other ways) to put our value into action.

Yours in faith,

Karen Burns, Mary Denison, Ebe Emmons, Rev. Kate Walker

And P.S., our team would welcome another person or two to join us in keeping this program going. Contact any team member if you are interested!