UU Pittsburgh Community Singers

Greetings friends.

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the long weekend.

Thanks to everyone who messaged me or attended rehearsal last week.  If I haven’t heard from you, please let me know how you are doing.

Below is an updated schedule, with more information about our performances and rehearsals, as well as info about some community events of interest.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

Volunteers are needed to help with our music program – PR/marketing, communications, production organization & logistics, music library, ushering, program creation, organizing social activities, and sound & video tech.  

Singers’ resource page with scores & recordings

UU Pittsburgh Community Singers Schedule – This week 
Wednesday, Regular weekly rehearsal @ First UU @ 7 pm
Sept 10, Sunday 10:30 am (9:30 call) “Ingathering” Service – Water Communion @ First UU.  Brunch to follow.
Attire= Blue & optionally black and/or white

Sept 7, Thurs, 7 pm (6 pm sound check) @ Bethel AME, 2720 Webster Ave – sing with Deryck & Lemington Chorale, keynote by Mayor Ed Gainey, at AME District Conference.  Attire – “Shades of Blue” & optionally black and/or white

Sept 9, Sat, 7:30 pm – Emma’s Revolution Concert @ First UU

Community Singers – Later this month
Sept 13 & 20, Wednesday, 7 pm – regular weekly rehearsals @ First UU
Sept 14 & 21, Thursday, 6:30 pm – rehearsals @ AAMI
Sept 22, Friday, 7:30 pm (5 pm call) Afro-pop, Gospel concert
Sept 24, Sunday 10:30 am (9:30 call)  Service @ First UU

Complete Schedule (regularly updated):

In faith and love, Kris