We Want to Hear from You!

This is an exciting and hopeful time with our faith!

Over 200 UU congregations have recently passed the 8th Principle, which articulates a commitment to the dismantling of white supremacy within our faith and the world at large. More information about the 8th Principle can be found at https://www.8thprincipleuu.org/.

Here at Pittsburgh First UU, conversations and work are ongoing. We want to ensure that all members of our beloved community have plenty of time to discuss, share and learn about the 8th Principle and what it will mean for our congregation and faith. To that end, please take our very brief survey, which can be found here.

Every voice in our beloved community is welcomed, honored, and loved. Please reach out to RacialJustice@first-unitarian-pgh.org if you have any questions or additional thoughts to share.

With love,

The 8th Principle Working Group