Young Adult and Campus Ministry

Spiritually Alive • Radically Inclusive • Justice Centered

Our Young Adult and Campus Ministry Community -- known as YA-RISE -- welcomes all young adults (ages 18 to 35), including students at local universities and colleges. Young adults who are members of other Unitarian Universalist churches in Pittsburgh are definitely welcome at our events!

YA-RISE: Young Adults -- Radically Inclusive, Spiritually and Socially Enriching

YA-RISE strives to foster community among young adult members and young adult friends of the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh. We strive to promote a safe space for spiritual growth, discussion, worship, and reflection that supports each member's personal faith journey. We promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations through the goal of radical inclusion of all young adults in fellowship. We strive to promote the realization of social justice goals in an interpersonal setting. We strive to connect in ways that bring us closer to each other, closer to the church, and closer to the community at large. We strive to create a diverse but unified voice of spiritually alive, radically inclusive, and justice-centered young adults.

With generous financial assistance from the Unitarian Universalist Association as well as strong financial support from our own congregation, First Unitarian Church started a campus ministry program in August 2002, working primarily with students at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. Over the years, with the leadership of a very dedicated Campus Ministry Coordinator, our campus ministry program provided a religious home for many undergraduate and graduate students, including two -- Kierstin Homblette and Catie Scudera -- who have become Unitarian Universalist ministers. Starting in 2014, our campus ministry program has evolved into a community that now includes not only students but all young adults (ages 18 to 35) who are, in one way or another, part of First Unitarian Church.

Religious Education Contacts

Our minister and the religious educator are here to listen and help. Please feel free to contact any of them.

Rev. Dr. David Herndon
Senior Minister
(412) 621-8008, extension 102

Erica Shadowsong
Lifespan Religious Education Director
(412) 621-8008, ext 103 (church)

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