Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

“Am I Wrong?”

Livestreamed at 10:30 am (prelude begins at 10:25)

It’s hard to admit when we’re wrong. In fact, we actively eliminate and minimize supporting evidence that we’re wrong.  So how do we have an honest relationship with intimacy and forgiveness if we can’t make mistakes?

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Special Annual Water In-Gathering

Join us this Saturday for an in-person outdoor service, 7 p.m. Winchester Thurston sports field, 555 Morewood Ave. Please wear a mask and engage in physical distancing outside of your COVID safety pod. Bring some water from your home or travels for our collection.

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“Question Box”

Livestreamed at 10:30 am (prelude begins at 10:25)

This is the annual Sunday when I welcome written questions from those in “attendance.” A wide variety of topics is welcome, although I hold the right to defer to actual experts. For this year’s online worship, please submit … read more.