Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

The Generational Blame Game

A lot of analyses have been offered on the differences between generations of Americans. Some are quite complicated, others over simplified, many intriguing, and all play generations off of each other.  Is this really helpful and how do religious liberals play into the outcome?

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Reclaiming History

As we look at the Theme of the Month, Identity, we’ll take a hard look at what happens when a history is stolen, and an identity is crushed. How does one reclaim one’s own history? 

Livestreamed at 10:30 am (prelude begins at 10:25).

Theory and Reality of Racism

Unitarian Universalists are being invited to add an 8th Principle to the current 7 Principles guiding our Association.   This proposed Principle, about dismantling white supremacy, is raising the bar on expectations for action and accountability.  Are we ready for a challenging public statement about racism?

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Environmental Justice

The intersection of the climate crisis and racial justice are clashing in painful and horrific outcomes all around the world.  What can First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh do to mitigate the harm?  What would a year of congregation-wide study and action look like?

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Oh Christmas Tree!

A multigenerational celebration of Christmas and the Christmas Tree with Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker, Erica Shadowsong, Kris Rust, Amaury Morales, and wonderful offerings from singers and musicians.  

Livestreamed at 4:30 p.m.