Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

Earth Day is Every Day

Recorded at 10:30

We are celebrating our beautiful planet, and calling forth our courage to ensure future generations can look back with gratitude for all we did to protect their future.  

The Art of Calling In Our Love

Recorded at 10:30

When we feel pain because of someone’s words or actions, it can hard to reconnect with that person.  Such a moment can undermine an entire group or community.  In some traditions calling out painful behavior is accepted.  In Unitarian Universalist spaces it’s important … read more.

Building Hope 

Livestreamed at 10:30

Younger generations are calling us to look at and abandon the relentless pursuit of ever upwards, optimistic expectation of human advancement. Instead, we are called to carve out hope amidst the daily struggles with pain and the discovery of joy.  This is not … read more.

The Great Human Experiment

The challenge for the earth is how its most powerful experiment, humanity, will respond to self-destruction. Can humanity’s greatest assets, perseverance, creativity, compassion and vision, among some, save us from ourselves? The theme for February is “perseverance.”

Courage Out of Shame

Creating justice amidst the rubble of destruction and despair can be incredibly healing, yet can only happen when we’re courageous enough to face those who have been most wounded. The January theme is “justice.”

Collective Liberation and Radical Healing

We seek liberation for all by focusing on systemic forces impacting the most marginalized. Yet liberation also needs healing.  The pain is deep and ancient, yet the trauma must be recognized, and the wounds tended. The January theme is “justice.”