Topic: Life

 A Service of Poetry and Song with Guest Brad Yoder.

Livestreamed at 10:30

This lay-led service will comprise some favorite poems on the themes of summer, music, and the joys and mysteries of the human experience. A sung homily will be delivered by the local musician Brad Yoder whose faith and love inspire.

“What can one little person do?” 

Livestreamed  at 10:30 am (prelude begins at 10:25)

Khasi Hills Partnership Sunday 

Celebrate the fascinating story of Unitarian minister and trailblazer Annie Margaret Barr, who, motivated by a meeting with Mahatma Gandhi, founded or inspired most schools in the Khasi Hills of India, including the one … read more.

“The End of the World as We Know It”

In human history, there are strong reoccurring stories predicting the end of the world, many in dramatic apocalyptic fiery stages of redemption and revenge.  Our Theme of the Month is Myth and Symbols; as we face uncertain times, what stories and myths can help us now?  

“The Happiness Button”

Livestreamed  at 10:30 am (prelude begins at 10:25)

Can being generous provide happiness and satisfaction?  Are we just chasing clouds when we strive for happiness?  What about satisfaction, or do we shift expectations to just getting by?

“The Gifts of Neurodiversity”

Livestreamed  at 10:30 am (prelude begins at 10:25)

 As Unitarian Universalists, we preach inclusion.  But is our definition of inclusion broad enough?  Are we accepting and celebrating all people and embracing the beauty that is found in our neurological differences?

Stephanie Pawlowski