Topic: Social Justice

Courage Out of Shame

Creating justice amidst the rubble of destruction and despair can be incredibly healing, yet can only happen when we’re courageous enough to face those who have been most wounded. The January theme is “justice.”

Collective Liberation and Radical Healing

We seek liberation for all by focusing on systemic forces impacting the most marginalized. Yet liberation also needs healing.  The pain is deep and ancient, yet the trauma must be recognized, and the wounds tended. The January theme is “justice.”

“Who is the Other?” 

Livestreamed  at 10:30 am (prelude begins at 10:25)

We’ve entered an era when we are barely able to speak to one another for fear of entering into conflict, anger, and, worst case, dehumanization. Can Unitarian Universalists use our 1st Principle and proposed 8th Principle to … read more.

Celebrating Khasi Spring Festival and Our Partnership

Hear about the indigenous roots of our Khasi Hills Unitarian sisters and brothers in India, including the spring festival, Shad Suk Mynsiem. Nandanik Dance Troupe will be performing, culminating with a festival dance in the garden. Maureen Porter of our Khasi Hills Partnership Team is … read more.

Theory and Reality of Racism

Unitarian Universalists are being invited to add an 8th Principle to the current 7 Principles guiding our Association.   This proposed Principle, about dismantling white supremacy, is raising the bar on expectations for action and accountability.  Are we ready for a challenging public statement about racism?

Livestreamed at … read more.

Environmental Justice

The intersection of the climate crisis and racial justice are clashing in painful and horrific outcomes all around the world.  What can First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh do to mitigate the harm?  What would a year of congregation-wide study and action look like?

Livestreamed at 10:30 … read more.