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SUNDAY, February 7

Here Come the Love People

Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, Assistant Minister

You've seen them everywhere - at peace rallies and Pride marches, on the Arizona border and at the Mall of America, in our pulpit and on members of the choir, on our children and our elders, at General Assembly - those vivid gold T-shirts radiating the phrase: "Standing on the Side of Love" (SOTSOL). For "Share the Love Sunday," we'll explore the origins and mission of this campaign and also what it might mean to be one of the "love people" in your personal and communal life, in your relationships and in your activism, especially beyond your comfort zones. There will be a special collection taken today to support SOTSOL.

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From the Church Leadership

Held In the Embrace | Steven Mead
To be held in the embrace of this church. You will hear me use this phrase often―be held in the embrace of this church. There's an intimacy in this act. And that act requires risk. Yes, we have the greeters, the committee; yes, staff follows ..

From Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker
Just after Christmas, CVS hauls out the Valentine’s Day loot – all of those heartshaped candy boxes, bobble-head cupids, and velvet-fuzzed greeting cards that play corny melodies (or racy ones!) when you open them. As this happens before most of  ..

From Rev. David Herndon
Believe it or not, First Unitarian Church is not the only Unitarian Universalist congregation! There are many other Unitarian Universalist congregations – about one thousand and fifty in the United States. We are stronger here at First Unit ..

From Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker
As I write this column in mid-December, I’m eagerly looking forward to a Christmas visit with my daughter in Portland, OR. And, naturally, if I’m heading to hipster city, well, there will be hipster donuts! And craft beer and buckets of artisanal ..

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FAITHIFY for Clean Slate Justice!
January 31 - March 30, 2016 Join UU's across the state in support of FAITHIFY: Clean Slate Justice! This is a 60 day crowd-sourcing fundraiser sponsored by the UU Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network (UUPLAN) to provide four expungeme..

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