Children and Youth Program Registration

To maintain a safe atmosphere for people of all ages, all children and youth who have visited at least twice must be registered to participate in the RE program. Returning parents may review the information we have and make changes if needed. (Ask the religious education director to see this information if it is not readily available.) 

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Parent Adult Information

Please enter the primary parental contact for the child. A second parent can be entered below.

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Your Volunteer Commitment

The quality of experience in the children and youth’s RE programs depend greatly on the full participation of families in congregational life, and especially the RE program. We encourage parents to considering volunteering in some capacity as a way to become involved and stay connected! Below is a list of RE-related opportunities of varying time commitments. Please review it and choose something that is realistic for you and that you are able to fulfill. We truly do count on you and all our volunteers to deliver the programs and events that enrich and ensure a positive experience for you as well as your child/ren and youth.


These activities are about a once a week or once every other week commitment.
RE Teacher: PreK - Kindergarten
RE Teacher: Grades 1 - 3
RE Teacher: Grades 4 - 6
RE Teacher: Grades 7 - 8
Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education: Grades 7 - 8
Youth Group: Grades 9 - 12
Religious Education Steering Team

These activities are about a once or twice a month commitment.
Substitute Teacher/Nursery Caregiver, about 1 to 3 times a year
Children’s Chapel or other multi-age Sunday event
Summer Camp Program Coordinator (August)

These activities are for organizing one time events as a coordinator or helper. Please pick two activities if you have not committed to a major or moderate commitment.
Children's Chapel
Pumpkin Fest UNICEF Sunday - October
Winter Holiday Donation Activities - December
Christmas Pageant - December 24th
RE Sunday Service- Februray
Ice Cream Social - February
Easter Egg Can Goods Hunt - April
Earth Day Activity - April
Teacher Appreciation Breakfast - May

Do you have other skills to enhance the RE program?

About Your Child

Please enter your child's information below.

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What grade is your child entering as of September 2016?

What class would you like to enroll your child/youth in? 

Special Considerations

I grant permission for photos of my child(ren) in religious education activities to be published on the church web sites and social media, church-only e-mails, or in the church building. I understand there will be no names used.

Does this child have any special needs (behavior, allergies, food restrictions, medications, etc.) we should be aware of? Such information is confidential and will be shared only with those working with your child.
Please list any type of educational diagnosis or special educational needs this child has. This information will allow the individuals working with your children to maximize your child’s educational experience. Such information is confidential and will be shared only with those working with your child.
Should we be aware of any learning, attention, anxiety, or behavioral challenges your child faces? Please notify the Lifespan Religious Education Director ( if you feel your child would benefit from having an assistant in the classroom.

Acknowledgement *

By submitting this form, we acknowledge that we will remain on campus while our children are participating in church activities unless the Director of Religious Education is made aware and an emergency contact information form is submitted. We understand that e-mail and email blasts are the primary method of communicating with parents and that in order to stay informed of events, we will check messages regularly and be sure we can receive e-mails originating from First Unitarian Church Pittsburgh.

I acknowledge my responsibilities.

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