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Volunteering in any church ministry is one of the primary ways to be involved in congregational life and community-making. Volunteers are the lifeblood of all church ministries and programs, and are the primary people who make church happen! Anyone is encouraged to volunteer for a ministry that calls to them. 

The religious education program relies on volunteers to help welcome and nurture our families with children and youth, but it is also an extremely active, engaged, and friendly community within the church that offers many rewards. Teaching volunteers often find their own personal learning greatly enriched through the lessons and stories offered. Our children and youth develop healthy relationships with people from different ages and backgrounds. Volunteers also make friends or get connected to people with similar interests by working on a team and getting to know parents. 

Volunteering is easy and low-key, and is a great way to get and stay connected!

Please browse the opportunities below, and contact the LRED at if you are interested in volunteering, would like to know more about specific positions, or have questions about volunteering in general!

Requirements for anyone working with children or youth:

  • For Our Whole Lives, Coming of Age, or High School youth, be aged 25+
  • Must have up-to-date clearances and background check prior to teaching. Clearances can be obtained through and are paid for by the church. Copies of current clearances are allowed.
  • Must be a member of the church or have attended regularly for at least 6 months. (Exceptions may be made for those coming from prior congregations). 
  • For Our Whole Lives or Coming of Age, must be a member of the church 
  • Attend volunteer orientation. If you are unable to attend, establish a time to make-up with the LRED.
  • Regular and prompt communication with teaching team members and the LRED
  • The LRED reserves the right to approve or decline any volunteer applicant according to best practices and professional judgment.

Lead Teachers (Teams of 4) – Lead teachers provide continuity for the children over the course of one term. Lead teachers are needed in the PreK/K Spirit Play class, and the 1st – 3rd & 4th – 6th workshop rotation classes.

  • Exit the Sanctuary with the children and lead them to their classrooms.
  • Take and record attendance on the attendance sheet.
  • Guide the children through their regular rituals such as chalice lightings and joys and sorrows.
  • Present stories and lessons from the provided curriculum.
  • Supervise the children when they are working with a guest speaker or presenter, or participating in a special activity.
  • Release the children to their parent or guardian at the end of the class.
  • Keep a short log of notes for each Sunday, and fill out incident reports.

Time Commitment: Fall or Spring term (16 Sundays), 2 Sundays a month.

Workshop Presenters

  • Coordinate workshop preparation and setup with the LRED and lead teachers.
  • Present and guide children through workshop activity with the story for the month as the theme.
  • Familiarize themselves with the story of the month.

Time Commitment: 2 Sundays (1 for each class in the rotation).

Substitutes & Floaters

  • Sign up for 1 or more Sundays for the year to be available for additional classroom support if needed.
  • Be ready to assist or, if necessary, lead (or improvise) any of the classes in the event that a teacher is absent.
  • Assist with attendance and incident reports for the lead teacher.
  • If not substituting, help greet new families, help parents find their classrooms, and give them information about registration, directing them to the LRED.

Time Commitment: 1 or more Sundays a year.

Youth Group Advisors (9th – 12th Grades) (team of 4)

  • Facilitate one of the themed Sundays each month (social, project, or discussion) with partner
  • Help provide and guide structure for the youth, while allowing and encouraging them also to take the lead when they are comfortable.
  • Help keep youth on track when they lose focus on the activity or discussion at hand
  • Create and monitor safety of the space for youth through knOur Whole Livesedge of church policies and best practices with youth (such as covenanting).
  • Record attendance and short notes, and any incident report if needed.
  • Have regular communication with other youth facilitators, including those who lead different Sundays.

Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education Facilitators (7th – 9th Grades) (Team of 4)

  • Complete or have completed Our Whole Lives training and been approved by training facilitators.
  • Over the course of the year, lead 6 Sunday evening, 2 hour sessions based on provided material and activities
  • Over the course of the year, help lead 2 Saturday half-day sessions, one in winter and one in spring
  • Coordinate scheduling with team
  • Keep track of attendance and incident reports

Volunteer Opportunities for Adult Faith

  • Facilitate a recurring course, in person or online, such as UU History or Building Your Own Theology
  • Facilitate an existing book group or offer another book or discussion group
  • Facilitate a special topics curriculum using materials provided on Tapestry of Faith by the UUA, such as “Odessey Writing” or “Building the World We Dream About”
  • Help coordinate and organize monthly speakers for the FORUM
  • Other

Time commitment: By curriculum and decided by facilitators

Other Volunteer Opportunities 

Family Social Hour

  • Setup crew
  • Host
  • Cleanup crew
  • Themed setup (Ex. Organize decor and activities related to seasonal observance)

Time commitment: 1 or more Sundays a year.

Family Ministry & Events

  • Organize an event by setting calendar date, communication, and coordinating logistics, including recruiting additional volunteers for any of these and other tasks as needed
  • Assist with a specific assigned task (such as clean up, or decoration)
  • Serve as a liaison to support volunteers for a particular class and gather feedback on needs and experiences 2 times a year
  • Provide leadership to help organize events or activities that address family needs or concerns (Ex. create “busy bags” for the Sanctuary, or “fidgit baskets” for classrooms..)

Time commitment: 1 or more Sundays a year.


  • Create and assemble the figures and images that are used for the PreK/K.
  • Sign up for a Spirit Play story and provide the objects by the deadline for that story.
  • Pieces can be bought with approval or reimbursed, found items, or constructed using your own creativity! (Ex. Figure and boat with animals for “Noah’s Ark…”)
  • Create “busy bags” for the Sanctuary, or “fidgit baskets” for classrooms

Time commitment: By individual

Library & Bookstore 

Help with any of the following! 

  • Cull books and organize in boxes to be donated
  • Call local libraries to find out if they are accepting donations (for book sales for example)
  • Drive and drop off donated books to libraries, non-profits, or thrift stores
  • Organize and categorize shelves
  • Create inventory record
  • Display books and collect money at store on a Sunday
  • Organize space to be welcoming and efficient
  • Other

Time commitment: By individual