The purpose of the Campus Ministry Endowment is to extend the ministry of the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh to local universities and colleges. In accord with the policy of the Board of Trustees, the Endowment discourages contributions toward specific, ordinary items in the operating budget. Proceeds from the Endowment for Campus Ministry could support the following programs and activities:

  1. Regular or occasional services of worship, either on- or off-campus;
  2. Equipment used in conjunction with regular or occasional services of worship (e.g., hymnbooks);
  3. Materials used in conjunction with religious education programs or structured discussions;
  4. Conferences, workshops, presentations, lectures, or sermons about Unitarian Universalism or the social application of Unitarian Universalist principles;
  5. Refreshments;
  6. Regular dues for membership with interfaith campus ministry coordinating groups at local universities and colleges;
  7. Proportional compensation for any staff member for who campus ministry is a primary responsibility;
  8. Expenses incurred by the Church in connecting with providing space or services for campus ministry;
  9. Publicity or advertising;
  10. Training for campus ministry leaders or advisors;
  11. Attendance by campus ministry leaders or advisors at Unitarian Universalist conferences;
  12. Expenses incurred for procurement and maintenance of office space and equipment;
  13. Other programs and activities that could be classifed as ‘extras and externals.’

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