The purpose of the Endowment for Ministry with Children and Youth is to provide financial support for the religious education program (infancy through the end of high school) of the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh. In accord with the policy of the Board of Trustees, the Endowment discourages contributions toward specific, ordinary items in the operating budget. Proceeds from the Endowment for Ministry with Children and Youth could support the following programs and activities:

  1. Equipment acquisition, improvement, and maintenance;
  2. Worship for children and youth;
  3. Programs for children and youth which emphasize social justice or community service;
  4. Presentations and workshops for teachers and parents;
  5. Presentations and workshops for the larger community;
  6. Travel by children or youth to Unitarian Universalist sites with historic or contemporary significance;
  7. Travel by youth to distant places, including other countries, in conjunction with religious education programs at First Unitarian Church;
  8. Support for the creation of new religious education materials especially intended for use in Unitarian Universalist churches;
  9. Support for programs for children and youth which connect religion with the arts (including music, drama, dance, writing, and the visual arts);
  10. Other programs and activities that could be classified as ‘extras and externals.’

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