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Online Only: Seeds for the New Year

What seeds are you planting for the new year? How are you weaving your magic into your relationships with others? How can we center beauty and goodness and love in all that’s ahead?

This is an on-demand worship available only online. We will not have an in-person … read more.

“A Time of Miracles”

Livestreamed at 10:30

Chanukah offers a powerful story of a miracle as well as oppression.  How can this ancient story provide guidance in the 21st century, where miracles and oppression still intermingle?

“The Ever Changing Story”  

Livestreamed at 10:30

Theme of the Month is World of Religion, sources for the best stories that are told again and again, each with accumulating layers of excitement and bombast.  But what happens when the original story is lost, yet we create truths upon their legend?