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This is GA Sunday,

Open and free for everyone.  We’ll host a watch party at the church for those who don’t want to attend in person.

“The Purpose of Life”

Livestreamed at 10:30 am

We are here on this planet to utilize life to the fullest so that it has a purpose for ourselves and for others too. Explore your own purpose and hear inspiration about the school in India that First Unitarian Church has been sponsoring … read more.

“Living Prayer”

Livestreamed at 10:30 am

Today is the 100th anniversary of the “Flower Ceremony,” created by Unitarian minister Rev. Norbert Capek in Prague.  We’ll celebrate its history and impact on our community and ask what meaning does it continue to hold for UU’s all over the world?

A … read more.

“Body Beautiful”

Marathon Sunday

Livestreamed at 10:30 am

Let us take a moment to appreciate, and celebrate even, the body that bears our potential to give and sustain this world.  The Theme of the Month is Beauty, do you feel the beauty you bear in this world?