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Be Welcome in This Special Place—Visit Often!

And so, our soul-work begins. Gatherings at First Unitarian are opportunities for children and adults to come together to share our exploration of our liberal religious heritage, our common values, and our individual spiritual and religious journeys. Our goal is to cultivate and sustain in all, a love of the spiritual life, a foundation for a personal theology, and a life-long yearning to belong to our liberal faith tradition.

We may be teaching children, but we are raising people. When our children’s journey with First Unitarian is over, if we have done religious education skillfully, they will know they are whole and complete, integrated into all that is, and worthy and capable of unconditional love.

We are here to journey with you and your children as we—together—search for truth, overcome injustice, and live our faith. For our Unitarian Universalist faith begins with a search for truth and ends with love. Who could settle for less?

So. Join with us, that:

In our every moment and by our every act, we:
Welcome the stranger
Comfort the afflicted
Teach the ignorant
Soothe the angry
Uplift the community
Give voice to the forgotten
Heal the broken,
And serve with compassion and respect.

Visit often, be welcome, and find a home for yourselves in this Special Place.

Steven Mead
Interim Lifespan Religious Education Director
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Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
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